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1. Choose your clinic space

Select an existing Lotus location that works best for you or join the waitlist for one of our upcoming clinics. We’ve thoughtfully designed our clinics so that you can do your best work and allow you to be in control of your practice and your patients.

2. Set your schedule

Work when it’s convenient for you, whether that be half a day per month or all day, everyday. We believe that you should have final say on when you choose to work.

3. Build your practice

Building your practice is a significant part of your career. It’s where you’ll make lifelong friendships and build important relationships with your patients. It’s where you’ll build your career. It’s where you’ll do your life’s work.

4. Practice medicine

We understand that you are the client and your patient is our client’s client. We provide you with what you need in order to focus on what you do best- healing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lotus clinics are a network of tech-enabled, turnkey medical clinics designed with practitioners in mind. We combine best-in-class design principles and cutting-edge technologies in order to deliver you an all inclusive clinical environment so that you can be at your best when you see your patients.

Lotus is a RAMQ affiliated clinic.

We recognize that the system sometimes does not allow you to give all you have to your patients. Perhaps you did a fellowship specialized in teenager care, perhaps you prefer to do one time consults without taking over the patient’s long term care, perhaps you prefer to follow patients for several years. At Lotus, you make your own practice. We’re here to make sure you have everything you need to do it.

Our clinic is equipped to offer both walk-in consultations, as well as traditional, long-term follow-ups for patients.

Work when it’s convenient for you. We believe that you should have final say on when you work, whether it’s during the day or the evening, during the week or on weekends.

Your safety is our top priority. We’ve thoughtfully designed our clinics to protect you from the recent COVID crisis. 

  1. Our clinics do not have waiting rooms: patients wait directly in their exam room and do not move until they are discharged.
  2. The layout of our facilities separate the staff corridors from the patient corridors, meaning you will never encounter patients when moving from room to room.
  3. Our ventilation system complies with INSPQ’s most recent guidelines and uses UV sterilization to eliminate 99.98% of viruses and bacteria circulating into the clinic airflow.

We offer complimentary interior parking space within the building. Full-time or part-time, physicians never have to think about where to park.

Auxiliary nurses support our physicians at a ratio of 1 nurse:2 doctors. A clinical nurse is present at all times and acts as “shift supervisor”, responding to any issue that may arise.

Yes: practitioners can work remotely and do telemedicine on the same basis as if they were inside the clinic.

No need to bother with the hassles of billing anymore: our integrated solution will handle your billing process from A to Z with a single click.

We are fully equipped to enable you to do a wide variety of technical acts, such as echos, stitches, wound care, and much more.

We are equipped with specialized observation rooms allowing you to diagnose and follow-up with pervasive development disorder patients in a safe and efficient environment.

Our clinics are integrated with a leading EMR provider. Our EMR will offer centralized electronic note taking. 

Practitioners can manage their schedule, billing and profile from home through our web portal.

Practitioners can access their patients’ files through our EMR providers’ web portal.

Patients can schedule their own appointments online and receive reminders on their phone, minimizing no-shows.

Don’t want to bring your lunch? No problem! Our kitchen is fully stocked from sustainable local brands. Need a snack? An afternoon caffeine fix? We’ve got you covered.


Yes, we supply you with top quality scrubs.

Welcome to your new practice.

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